Now Available: The QR Market® overlays for Podcasters and Twitch®.

QR Code advertising just got a lot better…and faster.

Introducing The QR Market® – the revolutionary marketing device that allows you to sell four items simultaneously on a single screen – HANDS FREE.

Perfect for B2B and B2C. If you can think of four unique, no-brainer offers, then they belong on this screen.

Watch the demo video now to see its incredible  – and virtually limitless – capabilities.

With The QR Market, You Get Speed, Data, & Sales…

The QR Market gives you what virtually no other selling platform can – all at once.

With The QR Market, you control when, where, and how many different offers you’d like to make.

The QR Market is your own shopping channel you can turn on – or off – anytime you want.

Automated Sales

When configured properly, customers can make a purchase in less than 15 seconds.

Immediate Attribution

When they buy from The QR Market, you’ll know exactly where that sale (and lead) came from.

YOU Are In Control

You can place a limit to the number of sales for an offer, and expiration dates.

You KEEP ALL Profits

No more “Rev splits” with the “coupon” sites. With The QR Market, 100% of the sale is yours.

Share on ALL screens

Broadcast this on your website, social channels, even send to email subscribers as a bonus.

Market Exclusivity

If you have a physical location, any competitor in your niche within 30 miles will be locked out.

People Are Buying From QR Codes Right Now.


This Lets The Audience Get Your Offer In As Few Clicks As Possible…

The guiding principle of The QR Market is speed.

With today’s technology, we can get the audience to buy from you as fast as they can click and type in their info. 


Where Can You Broadcast The QR Market?

On virtually any screen – inside or outside of your business.

Your QR Market video can be placed just about everywhere your audience will be, such as:

  • Your website
  • YouTube channel
  • Facebook page
  • Twitter feed
  • Trade shows
  • Your physical store screens
  • Email (use as a “subscriber only” special.

When you think of The QR Market as your own shopping channel, the places you can make sales grows exponentially.

Stop Guessing About Your Marketing!

If you’re tired of wondering where your marketing budget goes, The QR Market helps you account for every penny.

With immediate attribution, instant sales data, exclusive offers, and the video ads to back it all up, The QR Market is a powerful, versatile, and truly unique marketing tool.

Who Creates My QR Market Video? We do!

All we need to know is…what are the offers you’re going to put in the boxes?

When you subscribe to The QR Market, you simply fill out a form with your offers, price point, and any restrictions.

Then choose from pre-made video templates, or send us your own video for the ads.

“I sold $5K coaching packages with The QR Market. This thing is genius.”

Here’s Emilio Roman showing off his QR Market video, which he ran at a convention in Camden, NJ in May of 2022. The bottom right box was selling $5,000 memberships (normally $25,000).

He sold 4 of them off one QR code.

Emilio Roman, founder of the Co-Author Network, and Author Millionaire Academy (AMA).

Ready to get started?

Start using The QR Market for your business today.