Select up to 4 video templates you’d like to use in your QR Market video.

*PLEASE NOTE: If you’re a Gold+ Package member and will be uploading 1 or more videos, please note that on your order form.

*On your order form, simply list the name of the template you’d like in each respective box (Northwest, Southeast, etc.)

* This page is just for selecting the templates. You will be inputting the  specific text you’d like  for each video on your order form. 

Bowling Specials / Packages Video Ad Templates

Template name: BOWL 1

Featuring a backdrop of bowling lanes with chasing LED lights leading towards the pins, the real star of this bowling commercial is the spinning text.

Hitting the key points immediately, you can name your bowling special, including price points. 

Of course at the end, we’re directing people to scan the code now to get the bowling package special.

Template name: BOWL 2

Moving across bowling lanes from right to left, the text flying into the center of the screen into the white box conveys the offer.

Text is black and red. 

Template name: BOWL 3

Beginning with a bowling ball striking pins, this video relies on cleaner animated graphics without a “busy” background.

You have 4 separate text panels to convey your awesome offer!

Template name: BOWL 4

Simple, clean, but exciting! Lots of text on this one, describing a bowling party for 4 people (version 1).

Just a bowling lane in the background…

Template name: BOWL 5

A bowling ball return is the center, with some people bowling in the background. Lots of text on this one!

Plus, we add a blue-purple hue to the tone of the bowling action.

Template name: BOWL 6

A darker orange tint overlays the background of a bowling alley and bowler in action.

Plus there’s a LOT of text for you to describe your offer!

Food & Concession Stand Video Ad Templates

Template name: FOOD 1

This template video features graphics of a hot dog, French Fries, and soda in a glass.

On the right side of the screen, you can list out the specific items, and how many they’ll get of each.

Template name: FOOD 2

For a pizza, fries, and soda special, this is the template you want.

Highlighting a pepperoni pizza, 4K footage of french fries (where you can put your logo in ketchup!) and a close-up of soda being poured, this is a great pizza combo video.

Birthday Party Video Ad Templates

Template name: BIRTHDAY 1

Beginning with children blowing out candles on a birthday cake, we quickly transition to a stack of birthday candles melting quickly. 

Then, we display the birthday party offer.

Finally, we conclude with videos of a “HBD” mylar balloon and a bowling alley. There are two panels where you can list the price point, and the biggest features of the birthday party at the bowling alley.

Arcade & Redemption Center Video Ad Templates

Template name: ARCADE

This template starts by zooming in (and through) a video game arcade machine, and then ends with a cascade of arcade tokens hitting the floor.

You have 5 lines of large text to get your arcade token message across!

Theme Nights Video Ad Templates

Template name: RETRO

Having an 80’s & 90’s Retro Night Theme Party at your bowling alley? Here’s a 15-second ad that uses retro graphics and VHS text to give your party info.

All text is completely customizable. 

Template name: DISCO

With a whole bunch of mirror disco balls, this sparkling theme gives you plenty of room to showcase the details of your Disco night at the bowling alley.

Bowling Lessons Video Ad Templates

Template name: LESSONS

Having an 80’s & 90’s Retro Night Theme Party at your bowling alley? Here’s a 15-second ad that uses retro graphics and VHS text to give your party info.

All text is completely customizable.

Holiday Video Ad Templates

Template name: JULY4

If you’re running a July 4th promotion before people go watch fireworks, check out this Independence theme video.

All text is completely customizable.