Select up to 4 video templates you’d like to use in your QR Market video.

*PLEASE NOTE: If you’re a Gold+ Package member and will be uploading 1 or more videos, please note that on your order form.

*On your order form, simply list the name of the template you’d like in each respective box (Northwest, Southeast, etc.)

* This page is just for selecting the templates. You will be inputting the  specific text you’d like  for each video on your order form. 

Classes Video Ad Templates

Template name: CLASS 1

We have a young boy in various martial arts poses from different angles. 

The text highlights the key points immediately, and you can name your class special, including price points.

Template name: CLASS 2

A LOT of text on this template to convey your offer with details. Only one image is used in this template, but it’s a great way to draw attention to your fantastic offer.

Here, we’re using this for a “Newbie” class, but it can be used for practically any type of class you’d like.

Text is gradient, and moves FAST!

Template name: CLASS 3

Here we are highlighting a couple of people performing martial arts moves on a mat.

While this demo is “3 classes for $30”, we can adjust the text for just about any type of offer you’d like to make for your martial arts studio or training.

PLENTY of text on this one to describe your offer!

Women’s Martial Arts Video Ad Templates

Template name: WOMEN 1

Starting with a knife, we then see women in self-defense martial arts training. Learning specific techniques, this powerful ad can get women signed up for one of your Women’s Martial Arts classes.

This template uses numerous graphics and text. 

Template name: WOMEN 2

For a high-intensity class focused on women’s martial arts, this is the template you want.

In fact, if you don’t have a “Mama Bear” class, you should create one (and use this template, of course).

Featuring a lot of dynamic, moving text, this spot ends with a bear walking right at you to reinforce the message and class.


Template name: WOMEN 3

The “Martial Arts For Mom” class is perfect if you have a martial arts training for women (ideally over 50 years of age).

A lot of text and video clips of a middle-age woman are the focus of this template.


Martial Arts Memberships and Specials Video Ad Templates

Template name: MEMBERSHIP 1

Here’s a static shot of a man practicing martial arts alone. 

But the orange text with grey boxes give the details of the martial arts subscription / membership package. Lots of room for all the details.

Template name: MEMBERSHIP 2

With a single shot of a man practicing martial arts (on a beach?) the text is the focus of this template.

Perfect for a simple, yet highly focused text-based ad to feature your membership programs!

Template name: FRIEND

Circular blue and yellow transitions make this ad jump.

We use numerous photos of people in martial arts poses and classes to fill in the rest.

Books Video Ad Templates

Template name: MINDSET

Relaxing and inspiring, this slideshow features sunsets, and other calming images with minimal text.

A book cover can also be added, if you have one.

Template name: RECIPE

Plenty of healthy food images are showcased in this ad. This can be used for a recipe book, a nutritional guide, whatever you’d like!

Lots of images with minimal text on this template.

Uniforms Video Ad Templates

Template name: UNIFORM

If you’re selling uniforms, this ad is for you!

A simple, text-heavy ad focusing on martial arts uniforms for a set price.