How does The QR Market work?

The QR Market is a 30-day subscription plan.

You can BYOA (Bring Your Own Ads) or Tim can create them for you. 

There are no long-term contracts, and you can cancel at anytime.

Some important legal stuff:

If your subscription plan expires, you are not permitted to broadcast your QR Market video anywhere for any reason. The QR code URL’s will be changed or disabled.

You may not alter your QR Market video in any way (changing QR Codes, etc.). However, you may scale your video to fit a particular screen size.

If your subscription lapses and you are caught broadcasting a QR Market video (original or altered) on any screen for any reason, legal – and financial – consequences will be strictly and immediately enforced.

If you have further questions, send Tim an email at (info @ theqrmarket . com)

I want a QR Market video for (select one)

An In-person Setting

A brick & mortar store, for a trade show or festival, etc., to be broadcast on an HD (or above) physical screen. The larger the screen, the better!


Use live or recorded for online for podcasts, Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, etc.).  Can be standalone, or with other streaming software platforms (OBS, XSplit, etc.).  

Broadcast (Radio/TV)

For traditional media outlets (AM/FM Radio, broadcast television). Can be used as an overlay for live broadcasts, or recorded content.

The QR Market™ for In-Person settings (Trade Shows, Brick & Mortar, etc.)

Abbi.AI using The QR Market at their booth.
The QR Market at a trade show

The QR Market™ Overlays for Streaming (podcasts, Twitch, etc.)

Q: What’s the difference between The QR Market for trade shows, broadcast, etc. and a Podcast/Twitch/Streaming version?

A: The broadcast version has a “buffer” or “border” around the codes and all the content boxes.

If you look closely, you’ll see that the Podcast/Twitch/Streaming version goes “edge-to-edge”, thus filling up the entire screen.

This is because with streaming, etc., we know that your video will not be enlarged or magnified for specific monitors or screens.

Your QR Market video dimensions will be either HD (1920 x 1080 px), or in 4K (3840 x 2160 px).

As you’ll see in the right-hand column box, there is a rotating banner to list your social media channels, website, etc. This box is not included on the Broadcast/Trade Show version of The QR Market.

The QR Market podcast overlay
Podcast with The QR Market overlay

The QR Market™ Templates for Broadcasters (Radio & TV)